Galaxies: 10 - Systems: 499 - Planets: 15
Speed: Games x2 - Fleet x2 - Resource x10
Players Online: 0 - Red Shirt: Kulikova - Total Accounts: 194
REDWARF is the BETA If you want to play the final version please browse to WHITE DWARF Welcome, I am Q and will be your guide. This is a game, much like everything else in the universe. If you choose to join which I know you won’t (humans are so predicable) you will be placed in a universe during a post-apocalyptic time after the fall of the great United Federation of Planets. Still want to join ah? Well if you do, I will have to mention this game comes with no frills, all you will have is a few icons to click on and hopefully a good strategy plan. That’s it, what you see is what you get.



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