Universe Parameters
Temporary mercenaries No
Speed Games x 2
Speed Fleet x 2
Speed Resource x 10
Galaxies 10
Systems 499
Planets 15
Base galactic rename cost 10000
Base system rename cost 1000
Planet settings
Size of main planet 163 Fields
Basic production  MTL  40 per hour
Basic production  DIL  20 per hour
Basic production  DEU  0 per hour
Basic production  E  0 per hour
Number of colonies Unlimited
Antibashing settings
Attacks per wave 3
Waves per period 3
Interval between waves 30 Minutes 
Bashing calculate period 1 Days 
Moratory after declaring war 12 Hours 
Other options
Exchange resources  MTL  1 :  DIL  2 :  DEU  4 : LAT 400
Vacation mode Enable
Build on research No
Allow buffing No
Allow HOLD on weak co-ally No